Tree climbing lions - lioness, marula tree and ostrich

Tree climbing lions – lioness, marula tree and ostrich

Do not assume something and count on the sudden!

On a latest morning drive, these two statements had been confirmed proper once more. A lioness… in a marula tree… feeding on an ostrich–and she nonetheless sounds foolish each time I say it. After a protracted morning of monitoring lions, ranger Robyn Morrison and I bought a name on the radio from tracker Jerry Sepia, the lion’s discover. He may see two lions within the distance, below a marula tree. Excited that the monitoring mission had paid off, we set off throughout to see the lions.

Upon reaching what Jerry noticed, you possibly can solely think about my utter amazement after we noticed a 3rd lion in a marula tree feeding on the stays of a carcass!

Not solely was this mengeni lioness feeding comfortably on a carcass within the limbs of a marula tree like a leopard, her claws had been flattened and tightly grasped, and her tail curled across the branches to maintain her stability whereas feeding on the stays of an ostrich.

To start with, though lions weren’t constructed to climb bushes gracefully, it could be mistaken to imagine that they don’t. Ranger Nick Tennick just lately mentioned the tree-climbing skills of lions and the explanations they’re keen to take action. The second assumption that just about threw me off was the thought that the lioness was feasting on the stays of an impala carcass. The straightforward incontrovertible fact that the carcass was lifted up in a tree signifies that the cheetah shops it there. Impala is the most typical prey species of cheetahs. The truth that it was an ostrich was considerably sudden and made us surprise what tiger was going to go after the ostrich. Later proof, within the type of the tracks of a feminine and a younger leopard discovered close by, has come to assist this supposition; In different phrases, we imagine that Ximungwe Feminine and Ntomi Male had been the culprits.

Already enthralled by this singular sight of a lioness reaching up to the upper branches of the marula tree, I had to assure myself, the tracker Jeshom Mathipula, and my guests that very few remains we could still make of the kill, in fact, that of the ostrich. Put all of this together, and it was definitely a reminder that one can always expect the unexpected in the wild!

KC Mungen Lioness in Marula Tree 2 21032023

Except for the claws extending from the sheath, you possibly can discover the feathers on the suitable of its paws and the distinctive foot construction of the ostrich atop the lion’s head.

Indubitably, this is among the most original scenes I’ve seen, so if you have not seen it already, be sure you watch this digital safari, as Shawn Zederberg tells the story for his half. As Shawn mentions, I’m happy to report that I introduced my digital camera with me that morning, and I belief you’ll benefit from the outcomes…

Kc Munghen Lioness in the Marula Tree. Pcm & Munghen 21032023

One other Mhangini Delight lioness and a plains camp male have a look at a marula tree and await any cuttings to fall to the bottom.

Lioness KC Mungen in Marula Tree 6 21032023

She even managed to discover a snug place to handle herself and benefit from the morning solar.

KC Plains Camp Male 1 21032023

It has been some time since I final noticed Plains Camp Males, so it was nice to see this brother trying as spectacular as ever.

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