The precious moment of seeing a tiger cub for the first time!

The precious moment of seeing a tiger cub for the first time!

Just a few phrases can precisely convey what it felt like as just a little tiger cub with large blue eyes peering down a rock in direction of us. It is a second I have been eagerly anticipating for the previous two and some years since I began working at Londolozi. I used to be warned it was going to take time, endurance and naturally the outpouring of feelings that may overwhelm me, and I can inform you now that it was definitely worth the wait and the buildup and the wait.

With that being mentioned, I am blissful to verify the reply to ranger Jess Shilaw’s current publish – Do feminine Nhlangolini have cubs? arousing …


Initially a skittish one who spent a lot of time in the Sand River, she is now relieved that it makes up the majority of the cheetah sightings west of the camp.

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Spotted this tiger?

I’ve seen this tiger

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It goes without saying that finding the location of Leopard’s Den is not easy. This time, we had a few factors working in our favor. Although the tracks of the female Nhlanguleni were initially traced up and down the middle channel of the Sand River, we have now been able to eliminate any possibility of finding a den in the dense foliage of the Sand River, where the water level has risen significantly. This, however, has us all holding our breath, hoping that the female Nhlanguleni will be able to transfer her cub/cubs to a safer den in time, away from the raging torrents.


The primary tracks of Nhlanguleni Feminine (and trackers) have been discovered monitoring up and down the center channel of the Sand River in mid-January. We are able to solely assume that she was heading to and from the primary lair location.

Then, the ranger and monitoring groups have been on a continuing seek for any clue that may level towards any of the acquainted lair websites utilized by the Nhlanguleni feminine over time. As Sean Zeederberg has shared with us earlier than, discovering an actual tiger’s den nonetheless comes with its frustrations, however after all nothing beats the pure pleasure of as soon as being discovered.

Tech 3611

This can be a photograph of a feminine Nhlanguleni and her former cub. Hopefully within the coming months we’ll have the ability to see many extra photographs of her and her new cub identical to this.

This time, close to the top of February, ranger and tracker duo, Melvin and Melton, have been the primary to share the thrilling information that they’d seen feminine Nhlanguleni along with her latest cub in a bunch of distinguished rocks that I’ve had in numerous goals. As we speak I lastly discovered a tiger cub right here.

SDZ Mhangeni double cross rocks

Whereas heading straight for these rocks looks as if the plain factor to do, it isn’t fairly that straightforward – timing and endurance are every thing right here. So on this explicit afternoon we searched in every single place we may discover throughout the Nhlanugleni feminine territory with not discovering a single observe. Then we crossed our fingers and eventually made our option to the rocks. We sat on the first set of rocks in silence for about 10 minutes – no luck.

We then moved to the opposite aspect of the dry riverbed the place tracker Bennett Mathunsi identified the flat grass the place a feminine Nhlangolini was resting and certain nursing her cub, maybe just a few hours earlier.

I could not imagine it as we turned the nook to take a look at the final set of rocks when Bennett exclaimed with pleasure that he had noticed the little cub and in a flash, he disappeared right into a deep rocky crevice. My visitors and I missed this primary glimpse. With my coronary heart now beating with pleasure and anticipation, it actually did not take a lot to persuade my visitors that we must always sit once more in silence to see if the cub would reappear. The percentages have been actually not in our favor, as with out the mom current and offering consolation and security, and the cubs not uncovered to many autos, they’re unlikely to disclose themselves.

K.C. Nhlangolene DIN 24022023

The view of the rocks as we sat patiently ready to see if the cub would reappear. Proper in the midst of this photograph was the ledge the place the cub briefly popped its head to offer us a second of pure pleasure that we’ll always remember.

There’s solely a lot I can say to sum up the second and let the images converse for themselves. Binoculars prepared we have been capable of get an unforgettable view of the brand new Nhlanguleni Feminine cub. By piecing collectively the timing of the primary sighting of a feminine Nhlanguleni with a milk sac up to now, given the present measurement and conduct of the cub, we are able to assume that the cub might be round 6 weeks previous.

KC Nlhangolini Cub 3 240232023

Evidently what a privilege it’s to have the ability to witness this new life in Londolozi and share the thrilling information with you! Make sure to keep tuned for extra updates and photographs quickly.

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