Have you ever seen The Shy 5?

Have you ever seen The Shy 5?

Embarking on an African safari is an thrilling journey stuffed with the expectation of seeing many animals for the primary time. For most individuals, there’s an emphasis on determining the Massive 5. Ranger Robbie Ball just lately wrote a narrative about The Massive, The Little, and The Ugly 5. Nonetheless, there may be one other group of mysterious creatures which can be thrilling to see however elusive. They’re often called the shy 5.

The shy 5 are the extra elusive and lesser recognized African species, the Aardvark, Pangolin, Cape Porcupine, Bat-Eared Fox, and Aardwolf.

These uncommon animals are a delight for wildlife lovers, nature lovers, and safari guides alike. Regardless of their attention-grabbing and elusive nature, not a lot is thought about this mammal, as it isn’t usually seen. I’ll discover what we learn about them.


Aardvark is the strongest and weirdest-looking of the group. They’re extremely uncommon and onerous to see; Ranger Sean Zeederberg explains why in a earlier weblog submit. Aardvarks have very straight ears and an extended nostril. A solitary, highly effective termite-eating digger who makes use of his formidable digging prowess to interrupt termite mounds and dig burrows. Burrows are used as a shelter to relaxation in the course of the day and may have many escape routes. Their previous holes are sometimes replenished and occupied by varied different mammals, reminiscent of warthogs, wild canines, and hyenas.

The aardvark is often lively in the midst of the evening and strikes from one termite mound to a different, looking termites, ants, and different bugs. And in the course of the day, she sleeps peacefully in a deep underground burrow.

This was not taken in Londolozi however is a superb depiction of how unusual an aardvark can look.

Bat-eared fox

With nice resemblance to the canine household, the bat-eared fox is beautiful with its fluffy tail, robber masks face, and big ears. This bug-chewing will stand staring on the floor, detecting each little twitch of termites, grubs, or beetles underground. She digs them up along with her elegant black-stocked entrance ft, then trots off, often along with her household.

Since bat-eared foxes get pleasure from arid and semi-arid areas and are present in quite a lot of reserves in South Africa in addition to East Africa, they sadly don’t happen in Londolozi. The closest one will be seen within the northern components of the Kruger Nationwide Park.

A pair of bat-eared foxes in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

A pair of bat-eared foxes cuddling within the morning solar. The face of the “robber’s masks” is somewhat apparent right here.


Essentially the most prickly buyer is the porcupine, a big, fizzy rodent that devours bulbs, fruits, bark, berries, and roots. When threatened, it deters predators by stamping with its ft and shaking its black and white quills. If that does not work, it’ll cost in the other way, thrusting its sharp quills at predators. It simply separates from the porcupine’s pores and skin, lodges within the pores and skin of the predator’s face, and festers painfully. Only a few carnivores assault a porcupine twice.

Cape Porcupine is discovered all through sub-Saharan Africa, stretching as far north as Uganda and Rwanda and all the best way to South Africa. The Kruger Nationwide Park is a superb place for a safari to see this feisty member of the Shy 5.

Nyssa Talamati (1 of 1) 8

It was extraordinarily unlikely that when in a lifetime you’d witness a satisfaction of lions circling a pair of porcupines, making an attempt to catch them with out being stabbed by a feather…


The pangolin is an extremely unusual and distinctive animal. It’s a scaly mammal that wriggles about on its hind legs, with its higher physique bent down, its forelimbs armed with big claws, and its head hanging low, near the bottom. Pangolins feed on termites and ants. They dig into the mound with their highly effective entrance legs after which use their lengthy tongue to maneuver by means of the intricate tunnels within the colonies inside the termite mounds. The perfect likelihood of seeing these particular scaly mammals is in the course of the winter months when the rains start to subside and the grass begins to skinny out. However do not be mistaken. It is rather uncommon to see pangolins on account of their solitary, nocturnal, secretive and elusive nature.

With very lengthy claws on its entrance toes and a snout designed for digging in small areas, the pangolin is ready to successfully excavate termites from small tunnels.

Pangolin and puppy

The scales on a Pangolin are splendidly distinctive, as seen on this feminine and her younger. Seeing considered one of these animals within the wild is an actual sight.


The Aardwolf seems to be like a miniature brown hyena at first look, however this canine-like animal lives on a gradual weight loss plan of termites, too. Its jaws are very completely different from these of a hyena – small and weak with peg-like tooth. It scares off attackers by inflating its big stomach and making scary growling sounds.


The Aardwolf comes out at sundown to forage in South Africa.

With a choice for plains and semi-arid grasslands, these innocent carnivores are discovered primarily in Botswana, the Karoo area of South Africa, and the Northern Cape.

Pangolin, Cape Porcupine, and, much less ceaselessly, Aardvark are three of the Shy 5 which have been seen at Londolozi earlier than.

Other than a few sightings in recent times, a digicam entice arrange by ranger Chris Taylor caught an aardvark in Londolozi close to an lively termite mound final December. Their tracks and proof of them feeding on termites has been discovered very often, however owing to their secretive nature and nocturnal habits, our paths seldom appear to cross.

Groundhog track

Recent aardvark tracks taken early morning crossing the street close to camp. Right here, the three giant toes of the hind ft are distinct, and the smaller entrance monitor is proven simply above them.

Seeing a porcupine in Londolozi is definitely one thing to be pleased with. They’re often seen hopping round at evening or within the wee hours of a winter morning. Their tracks are sometimes seen, and proof of them digging up roots or bulbs close to the roadside with the one feather tucked round is a certain signal that they have been digging the evening earlier than. Of the shy 5, the porcupine might be essentially the most watched.

Watching pangolins in Londolozi will be extremely intimate and sometimes a particular expertise in Londolozi. For those who get an opportunity to see one, get pleasure from it, take as many footage as you possibly can, and actually recognize being within the presence of an elusive animal that just a few company have seen earlier than.

Farah 2769

The bat fox and the ardolf are the 2 remaining species of the shy 5 that haven’t been seen within the reserve earlier than. The rationale for that is that they get pleasure from dry and funky habitats. Locations just like the Kalahari Desert are locations the place these animals, significantly the Aardwolf, are generally discovered. Whereas the bat-eared fox will be seen within the northern areas of the Kruger Nationwide Park.

Observing the shy 5 within the wild is actually exhilarating. The rarity of the event and the truth that it’s considerably sudden makes it an unforgettable expertise that’s certain to go away an enduring impression on anybody fortunate sufficient to witness it.

Let me know within the feedback if you happen to’ve ever seen a member of Shy 5 in Londolozi!


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