Favorite antelope: The Kudu

Favorite antelope: The Kudu

Many blogs have been written through the years right here at Londolozi detailing numerous wonderful sightings made by company and rangers. A delight of lions hunts and feeds on giant kudu prey, a number of of them. Not surprisingly, watching a kudu get downed or killed might be fairly an achievement, because the Nice Kudu is the second largest antelope in southern Africa (after eland, which we do not discover within the Sabi Sand Reserve).

Nonetheless, not like the plentiful impalas we see roaming across the peaks of Londolozi, recognizing a kudu on each sport is not a assure. We regularly meet them within the open, as a result of these animals typically want searching amongst thick bushes or hugging areas of the forest as they spend their day foraging for any plant matter (leaves, twigs, bushes, grasses, weeds, roots; generally even fruit or flowers if accessible).

Kudu’s gradual transferring head and imposing demeanor make it one in every of my favourite antelopes to look at.

Right here in Londolozi, we see Kudo the Nice (Tragelaphus strepsiceros), That are discovered within the jap and southern components of Africa. There may be additionally a second sort of Kudu, the lesser Kudu (Tragelaphus imberbis), Discovered within the northeastern components of Africa, it’s about 35% smaller than the Better Koudou.

The better feminine kudu stands as much as 47 inches (about 4.9 ft/1.2 m) on the shoulder and weighs between 260-460 lb (120-200 kg). This makes her a lot heavier on common than the male lesser kudu.

The bigger male Kudu stands 51 to 59 inches on the shoulder (about 4.25 to five ft/1.3 m) and weighs 420-600 lb (190-270 kg). The magnificent spiral horns of Better Kudu antlers can develop as much as 6 ft (about 1.8 meters) lengthy.”

Bushbuck and Nyala (two antelopes that we frequently see inside gardens Londolozi Camps and the village) are carefully associated to Kudou and all of them belong to the tragelavus The household additionally sports activities spiral-shaped horns. Nonetheless, their crowns are a lot smaller than the majestic horns of a kudu bull.

Ka mentioned Kudo drinking

It is not typically we see these majestic antelopes out within the open, so after we noticed a bachelor group making their means in the direction of a consuming water gap within the golden afternoon gentle, I used to be so excited!

So on this weblog, I believed I might spotlight three of the explanations I am so fond of those animals!

1. Facial markings

Apart from the majestic spiral horns of the males, what distinguishes them most in my view is their giant upright ears and the white facial markings which at all times appear to be the very first thing I discover after we observe these animals, whether or not male or feminine.

They’ve a small white chevron stripe (within the form of a letter V) situated between their eyes, which I examine to the likes of warrior face paint. The kudu’s distinctive white higher lip can also be a characteristic I say typically in comparison with somebody sipping a scorching drink and foamy milk leaving a mark.

Photo No. 8776

Among the many bushes, a kudu bull peaks to get a better have a look at a close-by hyena operating by the forest. You’ll be able to see their distinctive white chevron-shaped markings between their eyes, white lips and white hair on the interior flaps of their giant ears.

Additionally they have a variety of creamy white vertical stripes that run down their slim sides. Mixed, all of those markings contribute to the animal’s disturbed colouration, which is believed to assist break up the animal’s onerous define to camouflage it.

Kudus reside in jungle habitats. It’s a extremely secretive antelope and tends to freeze if startled, permitting its disturbing coloration to mix into its noticed setting. The white chevrons on the kudu’s face and the cream stripes down its again additionally resemble pillars of sunshine piercing a cover of vegetation, an adaptation to the dense environments through which they have an inclination to reside most frequently. When threatened, their first response can also be to hurry into dense bushes the place their camouflage works finest.

Photo No. 6819

2. Spiral horns are superior

The male antlers are the one ones that may attain 6 ft (about 1.8 meters) lengthy with two and a half spirals as soon as totally grown. The spiral-shaped horns, that are manufactured from keratin, assist bulls lock their horns collectively when clashing with cows.

Kudu Bulls Fighting Grant Rodewijk

I discover simply discovering a totally grown male together with his horns is at all times a sight to behold. Though they’re under no circumstances kings of the African bushveld; The impression of the males swaying with this set of shields on their heads at all times offers me the impression that they’re of the best stature of fortitude and power among the many many animals we discover right here. No matter impression it offers, these antelopes might be preyed upon by a variety of predators, significantly lions or noticed hyenas, and youthful calves by further predators similar to cheetahs or African wild canine.

NT Kudu Bull on Termite Hill

3. The importance of their alarm call

Since sound does not travel easily through a dense forest, Kudus have large ears to help them detect the smallest of noises in the thick environments where they spend most of their time. When listening, Kudus focus their ears in the direction of the sound stimuli and in the process take on a curious expression. As such, they have a reputation for being very curious and alert; It often provides us with beautiful photography opportunities if it is found in an open environment.


The extraordinary stare of two males as they watched a younger tiger transferring in the wrong way.

Kudos make use of the very loud, deep “tough” bark as an alarm name as a result of the low-frequency sound travels higher in dense bush. Additionally it is fascinating to notice that they make the loudest name of all of the antelopes.

Listening to the sounds round us whereas out on safari in Londolozi is a large a part of monitoring and discovering animals. Lots of our sport drives encompass turning the automobile off at instances to pay attention for sounds across the bush, to assist us in our seek for high predators (in a earlier weblog, Robbie Ball describes how Kudu’s alert bark helped them discover the tiger they had been monitoring one afternoon ).

And sanctify not lie! If we hear Kudu’s annoying bark, as a result of its measurement, they should have seen one in every of their bigger predators (both a tiger or a lion) which is at all times an thrilling between-car response as we immediately attempt to find an alarming Kudu whereas holding a eager eye for a tiger or lion lurking close by!


Male Kudo spots male Ntomi strolling throughout the summit within the tall grass. The kudu stares intently for a second earlier than the alarm calls its deep bark repeatedly in order that it feels protected that the tiger has moved the opposite means.

One cub from the second litter of a feminine Ximungwe. Sort of uneven at first however very snug now. Birthmark in his left eye.

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Noticed this tiger?

I’ve seen this tiger

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I’ve at all times beloved watching Kudu whereas out on drives – it is actually cool!

I’d love to listen to which antelope is your favorite.

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