Another Monday at Londolozi Airfield

Another Monday at Londolozi Airfield

On a latest afternoon drive, we left camp and headed by way of the airstrip, which is a fairly routine a part of any recreation drive as a result of it is one of many frequent methods used to get away from camp. On our method up we discovered three giant buffalo bulls that have been simply swimming within the mud. It’s totally uncommon to see buffaloes on an airstrip, so seeing these three slowly strolling round it was a thrill.

Older buffalo bulls which have handed their breeding interval have been identified to separate from the herd and wander alone or with different males in the same state or situation.

After spending a while with them, we have been in a position to see a flight of giraffes scattering on the airstrip in entrance of us. We are able to really feel that the driving tempo of the sport will probably be sluggish, calm and fulfilling. We pulled as much as the airstrip and sat with the giraffes shuffling round one another, earlier than lengthy the zebras dazzled in the direction of us with a raft of impalas and wildebeest as a shocking backdrop to the kaleidoscope of patterns within the foreground.

Ct giraffe on airstrip 1

A small trek to walk across the open grassland close to the north finish of the airstrip.

It was wonderful to see how all these animals fortunately coexist in an space collectively, just because they’re all herbivores, they aren’t a menace to one another they usually favor to be collectively as security in numbers is a big benefit. Two youthful giraffe bulls have been working towards their very own preventing fashion known as ‘neck-tie’, at this level, merely preventing in an effort to develop and hone their abilities that might be vital for later life as they fought for the rights to mate with a receptive feminine in estrus. Zebras bobbed and curled up on high of one another whereas feeding on the luxurious grass. The sundown meant the temperatures have been cooler and the lighting within the panorama wonderful, excellent for us to sit down again and loosen up as all of the animals meander by way of the open tops of the grass.

The quiet landscape and sounds of the afternoon break were soon interrupted by the frantic panicked alarm calls of the impalas heard behind us.

Impala alarm call

The alert herd of antelope stared in the identical path, their ears unaffected. This can be a positive signal {that a} predator should have caught its eye.

The herd of impalas huddled collectively as they sounded the alarm, all putting the identical unwavering stance and going through the identical path. Inside seconds two hyenas appeared to have come working throughout the airstrip in the direction of the pesky impalas, however they did not cease there they ran straight in entrance of them.

The regular look of a hyena scurrying throughout the airstrip.

Hyenas which can be scavengers typically reply to alarm calls with the hope that they will break in and steal a carcass from one other predator, most certainly a leopard and basically revenue from a free meal.

As we adopted the hyenas up the forest line, we regarded up and located a feminine Nhlangolini within the determined strategy of making an attempt to elevate an impala to a close-by tree to flee the hyena’s merciless jaws.

The feminine Nhlanguleni lastly managed to soundly depart the impala with out dropping it to the keen hyenas under.

Initially a skittish one who spent a variety of time within the Sand River, she is now relieved that it makes up the vast majority of the cheetah sightings west of the camp.

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Noticed this tiger?

I’ve seen this tiger

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To our shock, the impalas have been nonetheless within the throws making an attempt to flee, and fortunately for the Nhlanguleni Feminine, a younger and pretty gentle impala she was in a position to elevate whereas coping with the battle for survival. It was a tough scene as I watched the circle of life unfold earlier than our eyes however understanding that the feminine Nhlanguleni had At least one cub to take care of us we were so thrilled that she managed to latch on to the carcass and put it in a tree where that would guarantee her decent food.


After a while, the impala stopped transferring and the exhausted feminine Nhlanguleni might lastly relaxation because the hyenas stared from under.


The 2 hyenas wandered off once they realized that they had no probability of getting a kill from the tree whereas a feminine Nhlanguleni watched them from above.

After a while to permit the feelings to settle and to appreciate what we had witnessed, our gaze turned to her stomach the place we might clearly see the indicators of nursing and proof that she had simply come from her den.


From up within the tree cover, we have been excited to see that she was nursing at one level due to the brown fur round her enamel.

Though it’s tough to observe the impala take its previous few breaths, it’s essential for the mom leopard to get common meals as her physique has to supply milk as properly. With the torrential rains and tough circumstances, we will solely hope that her litter survives and that we will watch this wonderful leopard elevate one other litter. She sat on the tree for a very long time earlier than regaining her power to feed. In some methods, she was fortunate to have managed to get this impala into the tree earlier than the scavenging hyenas stole it from her. Elevating a cub is not simple, so hopefully you will achieve success with this and we’ll get to see extra of him.

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